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Wrestling isn’t exactly a subject I’m looking to see a play about.  Sure, I watched a little as a kid.  Overly muscular men in tight, usually little, clothing wasn’t exactly worth passing up, even if I didn’t quite understand it at the time.  And the dramatic developments were truly ludicrous, which is captured elegantly and held up for its own insanity in Kristoffer Diaz’s Pulitzer Prize finalist The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity.

Narrated by the central character, Desmin Borges’s Macedonio “Mace” Guerrero, TEEOCD (for short, that’s a long honking title) is filled with the insights of a young man growing up admiring professional wrestling, fully aware of the complex training and Machiavellian coordination that goes into the enterprise.  To say the show is well-scripted and insightful would be selling it short, and that whole Pulitzer finalist thing should speak well enough on its own.

Mace tells the tale of his own career as a secondary performer in the THE Wrestling organization, including acting as fall-down fodder for the titular Chad Deity.  And yes, his entrance is indeed elaborate and as ridiculous as you’d imagine.  Eventually tired of watching a less-talented, but clearly charismatic, wrestler, he ventures to a Brooklyn basketball court to discover a young man primed for his own spotlight, Vigneshwar Paduar, whom Mace brings to the head of the wrestling organization with a bid for stardom.



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