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The best thing you can say after a joyful musical is “I want that in my life”.  And, yes, after watching The Kid, I can honestly say that I want that in my life.  A kid, maybe or maybe not, but the completeness of experience that the main character achieves is utterly relatable, it took me by surprise.

Based on Dan Savage’s account of him and his younger partner’s adoption of their son, The Kid is very much an old fashioned book musical.  Likeable characters express their feelings in song, there are archetypes abound, and it ends with a happy conclusion.  The show is endearingly sentimental, if a bit too smooth for its own good.  Savage is fairly well-known as a columnist on “politics and relationships” (read: sex) – a joke that gets reused about a half-dozen times throughout the show.  He’s always been fairly open about his personal life, and other people’s personal lives, without too much concern for over-sharing.  After all, his column’s subject is already over-sharing.



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