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Yes, its been a bit since I’ve posted.  That whole work thing finally getting in the way (thank goodness).  Well, almost, but close enough.  Anyway…

I do have reviews of my theatre exploits, but in the meantime, here’s a lovely clip of the Mad Men cast taking on the title song from Bye Bye Birdie.  If you know either show, this is good fun.



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Do you ever wish actors made better career choices?  Do you think they’re chasing the wrong career path?  Well, I’ve got some answers for them.  Entirely unsolicited.

Since my former career was in Human Resources, and I did a bit of talent management, I’ve got a pretty solid feel for placing people in the path of success.  And being that I have zero experience with Hollywood casting other than what I saw on Project Greenlight, I’m going to use my powers for good and goose up some careers that seem to be going off the rails.  And I’m not only going to pick people whose careers not only need a nudge in the right direction, but people whose careers I’d love to see flourish.

My inaugural candidate is Jennifer Garner.  No longer Sydney Bristow, prepare to get Career Counseling.

Career Summary
Plucked from obscurity (like one of “the girls” in the seminal epic “Dude, Where’s My Car?”), she rocketed to fame as the star of J. J. Abrams’s Alias, for which she won a Golden Globe (with a few more nominations) and was nominated for four Emmys.

Transitioning back to the screen, she took on Marvel Comics’ Elektra, first as a side note in the ill-delivered Daredevil film and then in her own titular box office failure.  She made a modest hit with “13 Going on 30”, and has become a rom-com staple over the last few years.  Made Broadway debut in Cyrano de Bergerac, to good reviews and a sold-out run.  Had a well-received supporting role in Juno.

Career Problems

  • Once considered an heir to Julia Roberts for her easy charm, winning smile, and ability to look good in whatever she wore
  • Trapped in the female rom-com roles with no end in sight

Career Potential

  • Box Office Draw: Moderately high
  • Awards: Needs a good role, hasn’t proven to be able to make something out of nothing


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Holy frak!

I really had no expectations of this when I started to follow her on Twitter, but holy frak!  Four-time Emmy winner Valerie Harper!  Me!  I mean, I’m seeing Looped & all in a few weeks, but seriously!  Deep, deep breaths.

The queening out is passing.  At least a little bit.  I will be pulling out the old Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda DVD‘s now.  And counting down to seeing Looped with Valerie as Tallulah Bankhead.

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From the BBC’s adaptation of Simon Doonan’s memior, Beautiful People is a delightful pastiche to growing up gay & fabulous.

And, being young, gay & fabulous, auditioning for the school musical is a must.  I even did it once.  Alas, not meant for the stage am I.  Here’s the show’s great musical moment on the way to school that audition morning, blending a marvelous set of showtunes.

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So, the great revelation of my pending unemployment led to me purchasing way too many Blu-Ray discs. And then, Amazon sprung a sale on me with the first five seasons of Lost on BR for a huge deal. So, figuring I was going to spend a few months with way too much time on my hands, I bought them. And watched them, in pretty quick succession.

Since thinking about five seasons of a single show isn’t something I can do briefly, I’m splitting my thoughts into two parts – one for the plotting & story and one for the characters & performances.

This is Part I: Plot, Story & All That Mystery.  If you’re not caught up with the show prior to the 6th and final season, catch up first.  You better believe I need to talk about plot developments that would be considered spoilers if the show wasn’t already on DVD.

The show was a beacon for ABC in its bid to relaunch itself.  Lost started the same season as Desperate Housewives, and spawned a huge following with strong writing and a several boatloads of mythology.  The show was seen as a template to be recreated by the other networks with Surface (NBC) and Threshold (CBS).  ABC even took a shot at duplicating Lost’s success with Invasion.  None of these shows were able to develop enough of a following to last a season, despite both Threshold (starring my beloved Carla Gugino) & Invasion (with the always hot Eddie Cibrian) showing very promising storytelling balance with their respective mythologies before getting the ax.

The show itself was launched by a still-in-Alias mode J.J. Abrams, and has been run by the wildly  complicated Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (who also produced another boundary-pushing, hard to categorize show – The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.).  The pilot began with a flourish – a plane crash on a tropical island.  A cast of mostly beautiful people was dealing with the immediate crash.  The entire pilot centered on dealing with the crash itself: sustained injuries, trauma, shock, fear – all of which would pop up again throughout the inaugural season.


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Along with most of America, I tuned in to the Hope For Haiti Now telethon.  Having given online earlier in the day, I was focused on the performances.  Here are the highlights in my head.

If you haven’t already donated, please do so now:  https://www.hopeforhaitinow.org/

Shakira – I’ll Stand By You

Jennifer Hudson – Let It Be


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