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So, there was this whole iPad release this week.  Perhaps its news.

The tablet as a product has always been seen as a convergence device – part business tool, part media consumption, part creative tool, part phone.  So, it was with a tremendous amount of disappointment, the iPad is born.  Its really a bigger iPod Touch mixed with a Kindle.  Its clearly not intended to be used as a processing or creative tool, and its not really robust enough for web surfing.  Basically, the iPad is a failure of concept – which is really what’s disappointing.

I was cautiously optimistic, given that Apple has shown vision with the iPod and the iPhone, albeit with many technical holes in their first generations.  The iPod used its platform of media delivery to extend into a phone with other applications.  But, it wasn’t so flexible early on.  It grew with playlisting, and ultimately video.  The iPhone was easily hackable early on, and still eats battery time like no phone I’ve ever seen.



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